7 Supplements for the AT

June 7, 2018


Nutrition is of utmost importance when thru hiking because your body begins to break down after months of rigorous exercise and limited food options. In addition, we plan to hike on a plant-based diet, but unfortunately won’t have access to much in the form of whole foods or produce. With this in mind, it is pretty important to us to ensure we are getting the right amount of vitamins and nutrients so we will be taking daily supplements while we are on the trail.

1. Probiotics

Super important! If we had to choose only 1 supplement to bring it would be probiotics.  We will be drinking our water from streams, and yes we will be filtering it, but the exposure to bacteria will be high so we need to take care of our gut flora as best we can. 


2. Algal Oil & GLA (Black Currant Seed Oil)

Getting our Omega 3's and 6's is tough on the trail.  These essential fatty acids are important for cognitive health, immune system functioning, and blood pressure regulation.  Instead of getting these omegas from fish oil (which can be high in mercury), we are getting the oils directly from the source, from the algae that the fish get the oils from.  We will be taking Algal oil for Omegas, EPA & DHA as well as Black Currant Seed oil for GLA (this is important for Sjogren's disease).


3. Iron
Following a vegan diet on the trail means we wont get the many nutrients from whole foods and plants that we are used to. It will


be difficult to get enough iron without consuming a lot of dark leafy greens and broccoli etc, so we will be taking an iron supplement.

4. Multivitamin

We will both take Garden of Life's multivitamins (for women & men) to ensure getting enough vitamin C and B12.  B12 is something that is quite difficult to get on a vegan diet and supplementation of B12 is necessary even when not on the trail.


5. Vitamin D3

I take 5,000 IUI of D3 because I am deficient in Vitamin D.  We will also be in a green tunnel without a whole lot of sunlight so it is important to make sure we are getting enough of it.


6. Turmeric

This is awesome for inflammation.  With the aches and pains and inflammation we will surely be experiencing on the trail, turmeric is something we will be supplementing with daily.

7. Chaste Tree

This is something I take for hormone regulation and helps me with my cycles.  Hoping for easy periods out there y'all!!!





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