Planning Our Resupply: simple gifts

June 6, 2018

Figuring out our daily nutritional needs was a major milestone in our planning. Once we knew what food we needed, our thinking quickly moved to our resupply needs. We started to see the trail in chunky 100 mile (5-6 day) sections and chunk-by-chunk the necessary resupply hamlets were defined.  It will take us 12 resupply boxes just to get to Katahdin. From here things took an interesting turn.​​


We posted our rough itinerary to Facebook and almost immediately we started to reconnect with old friends who live close by the great Appalachian Trail.  It was so comforting to be reminded of just how massive and supportive our friends, all over the world, really are. Out of 12 resupply boxes, seven will shipped to friends along the way, avoiding small town post offices and maybe securing a warm shower.  We knew where to send the boxes, but we didn’t have them filled, we didn’t even have the boxes themselves. Fortunately, I have been hoarding cardboard for quite sometime and I was able to produce 12 perfect boxes. Our house was turned over to sorting, scooping, and staging our drops.  ​​



Once the boxes were packed we celebrated and threw ourselves a send-off party, complete with vegan slamfest.  Now, our Texas network came together in our home. On memorial day runners, cyclists, educators and family filled our rooms with good communion. By the end of the night each box was accounted for and safely transported away from us to be shipped ahead when the time is just right.  We reached another milestone.


Without intention, our resupply boxes knit together people from our past and present across the country.  I can see clearly that others have joined together so that we can attempt the journey. I feel so humbled and lucky to have so many friends willing to help.  This process has made visible a love and support that was going unseen during busy times. When Jackie and I complete this journey it will be because of the help others gave along the way.  Walking this trail is an enormous gift, a true honor.

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